Search My Church

Project Details

The Client

Search My Church is an online business directory that allows visitors to find and support businesses owned by others in their faith community. They offer both free and paid plans with 50% of all proceeds donated directly to nonprofit charities.

Client Goals

Search My Church was looking to redesign their website with a more user-friendly design as well as refresh their overall branding as their service grew. Our role in the project was both to consult on the overall user experience of the site as well as implement improvements and new branding elements in a new web design.

The Result

To improve the user experience of the site (UX), we knew we needed to put in the work upfront planning for maximum usability. To achieve this, we developed a variety of user-focused resources such as:

• A cleanly organized sitemap of pages,
• User flow diagrams detailing the paths users take using the site,
• And an improved website style guide to ensure all elements meet user experience standards and best practices.

With these tools in hand, we then strategically designed each page to be user friendly, beautifully branded, all while adhering to a smooth experience from start to finish. The result is a user friendly business directory that visitors can put faith in.

Website Style Guide

Our primary goals for this site were to improve the overall usability and update visuals to be consistent with the client’s updated branding. By establishing a design system early through a dedicated website style guide, we ensured that every element we added was user friendly and on-brand.

User Flow Diagrams

We created several user flow diagrams for this project to help communicate the ideal steps needed for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. These diagrams helped make sure we didn’t miss important steps in the processes and better understand the needs of our visitors to deliver the best experience possible.

Church Listings

One of the unique features we implemented on this website is the ability for visitors to search businesses specifically in their church community. To do that, we created not just a database of businesses but also churches as well. From each church profile page, visitors can browse, filter, and search businesses in their church network as well as save their church to their profile for faster reference.

Business Listings

Perhaps the most important feature of any listing site is the listings themselves. The client had a clear idea of what information he wanted to include on these pages as well as a wishlist of future additions to make the pages even more helpful to visitors. Loving a challenge, we made it a goal to put as many features into the initial version of these pages as possible and we’re proud to say we managed to deliver every feature on the wishlist at launch.

Custom Illustrations

The client wanted to find a way to provide visual interest on the website without focusing too strongly on one type of visitor, business, or church. The final result was a series of custom illustrations designed by our in-house team which we ended up using both online as well as in various print marketing we did for them as well.