Our goal is to make you stand out from the crowd. We design impressive graphics for a wide range of products to leave a lasting impression. Whether you need premium business cards, stunning packaging or stylish apparel, we’ll make your graphic design a hit.


Impressive custom design.


Products that stand out on the shelf.


Stylish & creative apparel.

Graphic design brochure sample


Quality graphic design conveys professionalism and effectively communicates your message to your audience. That’s why we design custom graphics that not only look great but persuade people to take action. We’ll help you take your communication to the next level with beautiful custom graphic design


Great business cards look impressive and help you network effectively. That’s why we design business cards that are the perfect balance of both beauty and function. Let us help you make a strong first impression with premium custom business cards.


Successful packaging design stands out and puts your product in your customers hands. That’s why we design distinctive packaging aimed to stand out on the shelf. Our packaging design will make your product look stunning and pop off the shelf.


Stylish apparel design keeps your brand in the minds of clients and customers. Our expert designers excel at designing memorable graphics that turn heads. Whether you need hats, t-shirts or hoodies, we’ll make sure your brand is worn in style.

Is Cake & Eat It Designs a good partner to bring your website design to life?

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q: How much does it cost to work with you?

Prices for graphic design work depends on a variety of factors. The price of a business card design for example will be much less than the price of designing an entire ebook.

If you’d like an estimate for your project, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message through our contact page with your project details and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

Q: How long will my project take to complete?

Every project is different but our average project takes between 1-2 weeks. Smaller projects like business cards are often ready for printing in less than a week. Other projects can take a week for copywriting before we even begin our design process.

To get an idea of how long your project will take, visit our contact page and tell us about your project.

Q: What is your graphic design process?

We’ll begin by talking with you about your business, goals and how best to deliver your messaging. We’ll also make recommendations on format and printing to better meet your goals. We’ll review the content for your design and enlist a copywriter if needed.

Once we have your finished content we’ll begin designing rough drafts. We’ll review these drafts with you and narrow down the direction that best meets your needs. The design you choose will become your final design.

We’ll revise and refine your final design and finally prepare it for printing. Once your graphic design is complete we’ll send over the final files.

Q: How will I receive my design once it’s finished?

We deliver all graphic design files in high quality print-ready formats. Once they’re ready, we’ll send you a Dropbox link to download your files or send them directly to your printer.

We’ll also keep a copy of your project on file so we can make changes later or should you lose your copy.

Q: Do you need to have content before you get started?

Yes, it’s important that we have all content before we get started. Our job is to design a clear plan to communicate your messaging to your audience. That’s why it’s important for us to be able to use your precise messaging from the start.

Q: Can you write content for my project?

Yes, we’d be happy to supply a copywriter to write content for your project.

Q: Can you help me with printing?

Absolutely! We work with some amazing printers who would be happy to give you a quote for printing your design.