Our mission is to make your brand a success. We design memorable logos, cohesive collateral and in-depth brand guidelines to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Whether you need a new logo or a refresh on an existing brand, we’ll bake a solution sure to leave your audience hungry for more.


Attractive, memorable logos.


Professional, cohesive assets.


Invaluable, tailored guides.

A sample design process showing how overlapping shapes form a creative and memorable logo design


A great logo design builds trust with your audience and distinguishes you from the crowd. That’s why we begin our logo design process researching your brand, competitors and history. This research helps us design memorable logos that embody your brand. Your logo will not only be attractive but a memorable design that fits your brand like a glove.


Cohesive brand assets make your brand look professional and recognizable to your customers. We’ll use the same information from our logo design research to develop icons, illustrations, patterns and more. This makes it much easier for your audience to identify and trust your brand. Your brand assets will grow your brand beyond a stellar logo to a stunning visual identity.

Professional brand assets including custom illustrations and brand colors for a new website design
A custom logo design and brand assets applied to brand collateral including business cards, envelopes, letterhead and more


Brand collateral makes a great first impression and takes your brand to the next level. That’s why we combine great logo design with cohesive brand assets across all materials. This creates a lasting first impression and ensures your audience remembers your name. We’ll take your brand to the next level with impressive brand collateral.


Brand style guides keep your brand consistent and effective. That’s why we design custom brand style guides to keep you on-brand. We tailor each guide to your unique specifications so your brand stays consistent. If you have a team of people using your logo design or brand assets, a style guide will keep your brand a success.

A new logo design and branding outlined in a custom brand style guide

Is Cake & Eat It Designs a good partner to bring your logo design to life?

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q: Why hire Cake & Eat It Designs?

We know what it takes to make your logo a success from research to delivery. That’s why we developed strict quality control standards and a winning design process.

Q: What is your logo design process?

We begin our process by learning about your brand. We’ll ask questions, do research and have you fill out our detailed brand questionnaire. This helps us understand your brand and develop a clear roadmap to success.

Next we take our research and begin sketching rough concepts. We’ll develop three core concepts over a few rounds of internal review before presenting you with three solid concepts.

Next we begin sketching ideas using the research we gathered. We’ll choose the three strongest concepts and develop them into fully realized designs. Then we’ll work with you to narrow down our concepts until we have the final concept.

Finally, we revise and fine tune the final concept until we both agree it’s ready for delivery. Once we’ve completed the final logo design we’ll deliver the final files for your new logo.

Q: Do I have to fill out a brand questionnaire? Can’t you just get started?

It’s essential that we know who we’re designing a logo for before we get started. Your logo will embody your brand so without understanding your brand we can’t begin your logo.

Q: How long will it take to design my logo?

Our average logo design project takes between 2-4 weeks. In that time we’ll research your project, design concepts, gather feedback, and revise your logo into the final design.

Q: Who owns the copyright of my logo design?

Once we’ve completed your project and you’ve paid the final invoice, we assign full copyright to you.

Q: Can you design a logo based on my idea or sketch?

Yes, we’re happy to design a logo based on your idea. If you have a concept you’d like to explore we’re happy to include it in our concept development. If you have a sketch or more precise idea of what you’re looking for we can bring that to life as well.

While we develop your idea we’ll continue to provide consultation and strategic guidance. This ensures that we deliver not just your idea but your idea brought to life in a winning design.

Q: Can you redo my existing logo design?

Yes, we’re happy to update or recreate your existing logo. Whether you need a simple text update or your entire logo recreated from scratch we can help.

Q: What formats will I receive my final logo in?

Once we’ve completed your logo design we’ll supply your files in a variety of formats. We’ll also provide a brief overview of each format for the best results. We’ll provide you with:

  • CMYK versions for use in printing
  • RGB versions for use online
  • Full color versions for standard uses
  • Pure black versions for single color documents
  • Pure white versions for dark backgrounds
Q: What about crowdsourcing services like 99designs?

Many crowdsourcing services use amateur logo designers from all around the world. They provide serviceable logo designs but often from designers who don’t know your history, industry or even country. That makes it difficult to for them to delivery a logo that fits your brand.