Irish Traditions

Project Details

The Client

Irish Traditions is an Irish and Scottish gift shop offering an extensive variety of imported apparel, jewelry, home accessories, food, and much more. Their knowledgeable staff also provide kilt rental, travel booking, and guidance on incorporating heritage into events and special occasions.

Client Goals

Irish Traditions was looking to expand their website into a more robust, user friendly online store while updating the overall design to be more inline with their brand. Our role in the project was to consult on improvements, implement new features, as well as design the new website starting from the ground up.

The Result

To really take the Irish Traditions online store to the next level, we wanted to implement new and improved features at every level of the sales process. That meant updating not just the shop as a whole but focus our attention on each page in the sales flow from the shop categories, to individual product pages, to the checkout pages, and beyond. This allowed us to refine and improve the overall experience of the site while adding branded elements and UI throughout to really give the site a unique sense of identity. The result is an eCommerce website that’s not just easy to use but easy on the eyes as well.

Sitemap & User Flow Diagrams

We started this project by creating user flow diagrams to more clearly define the ideal sales process from start to finish. These diagrams helped us to understand how visitors use the site and where in the process we could implement improvements to make the process smoother and more user friendly overall.

Feature-Rich Shop Pages

Once we knew which pages comprised our sales flow, we began implementing new, user-friendly features at every level. These improvements include: advanced product sorting and category filtering, a product quick-view for quicker browsing, user wishlists to save items for later, and a one-click ‘Buy Now’ option for faster checkouts.

Branded UI & Visual Elements

For the visual identity of the site, we wanted to bring in some traditional Celtic elements to capture the feel of the Irish Traditions brand. To do this, we worked closely with the client to define patterns, colors, icons, and other elements that were authentic to the types of products and imagery you might find in their store. The result is a branded layout that is uniquely Irish Traditions.


In addition to the website itself, we’ve also worked on several marketing campaigns to help drive traffic to the site. Campaigns have included a variety of ads both online and off including digital ad packages, traditional print campaigns, and advertising in local publications.