Small Business Web Design

How We Help

We use smart design and proven strategies to help small businesses increase traffic to their site and turn more visitors into leads.

It can take a ton of trial and error to build a website that meets your goals. That’s why we blend beautiful modern design with proven strategies so you can spend less time guessing and more time running your business.

“This level of customer satisfaction revolves around listening to your client, coming up with a plan, then having the skills needed to execute that plan.”

Running a business is a full time job and then some.

That’s why we offer small business web design services to handle every facet of your website for you, so you can focus on what’s most important: growing your business. 

Professional Design

Leave a great first impression.

Your website is often the first introduction people have to your business. That’s why it’s essential to have a web design that makes a great first impression. Your website should be professional, welcoming and most importantly a strong representation of your brand and how you do business. We’ll work with you to craft the perfect website to WOW your customers and put your best foot forward. 


Optimized for Sales

Convert more visitors into sales.

Your website can (and should) be your most effective salesperson. That’s why we use only the most proven web strategies to attract visitors, keep them on your site and persuade them to take action. If your website isn’t bringing in a steady flow of new customers, sales or leads, then we can help. With our proven web strategies, we’ll turn your website into a persuasive sales tool that gets results. 

Easy to Update

Have full control over your content.

Your website should be user friendly not only for your customers but you as well. That’s why we’ve developed the perfect recipe of plugins, tools and resources to make your site as easy to update as possible. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive, hands-on training tailored to your specific site to help make sure you’re comfortable editing all content yourself. Whether this is your first website or your tenth, we’ll have you editing your content like a pro in no time.


Mobile Ready

Reach your customers on any device.

Your website should look good and perform well on any device. That’s why we optimize our websites not just for desktop computers but tablets and smartphones as well. We carefully craft every page to adapt to each device to provide the best experience possible while looking great and being as easy to use as possible. Whether your customers are viewing your site on on their work computer or the newest smartphone, they’ll get the best experience possible. 

Built-In Security

Keep your site safe and secure.

Your website needs to be live and working correctly to get you results. That’s why we include security at every level of your website from your contact forms to the server your site lives on. We also create a daily backup of your site so should anything ever go wrong we can simply restore from the most recent version. With our built-in security you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your site is safe, secure and working as intended. 


Fast Performance

Load quickly to sell faster.

Your website should load quickly and not keep your visitors waiting. That’s why we fine-tune all our sites for optimal performance on all devices. We’ll optimize your photos, videos and other content to load as quickly as possible without compromising quality and store everything on our super fast VPN servers. With our performance focused process your site will be reaching new customers faster than ever. 

Have questions?

We have answers.

Q: What do your websites cost?

The truth is it’s difficult to give a price without first learning about your specific needs. This is why we schedule a strategy call with all new small business web design leads. In this call we ask questions about your goals, unique needs and provide you with a price estimate. If our price is within your budget and we both feel we’ll be a good fit, we send over a formal proposal to get started.

Looking for a general idea of what to expect? Check out our Pricing page for ballpark pricing on our various service levels. 

Q: Can we just get a quick proposal?

We specialize in custom, strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs. Until we know what your website needs to be a success, we won’t be able to provide you with a price or proposal.

Q: How long does it take to build a website?

Our standard small business web design process takes about 4-6 weeks from start to finish. E-commerce websites and other larger scale projects can take about 6-9.

No two websites are the same however and each has it’s own unique goals and needs. This means that more complex websites often take more time. On the flip side, smaller websites can sometimes take less time.

Q: What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of businesses ranging from fresh startups to well established regional businesses and everything in between. The only qualifier we have for the small business web design projects we choose to work with is that they have an honest desire to succeed.

Q: Do you provide website hosting services?

Yes, we offer premium WordPress hosting for all our small business web design clients. A successful small business website needs fast load times, reliable uptime and hacker-free security which is why we’ve fine-tuned our hosting specifically for those needs.

Q: Why do you use WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most widely used and well supported content management system. It’s contributed to by tens of thousands of developers all over the world and growing each day. That vast collective intelligence and wealth of impressive resources is why we use WordPress for our small business web design projects.

Q: Do you work with other platforms like Joomla, Drupal or Shopify?

No, we work exclusively with WordPress. The decision to work with one platform is what has allowed our team to become experts in WordPress. This expertise is what allows us to build to the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Q: What about DIY website services like Squarespace or Wix?

In our experience, DIY services aren’t up to par for professional small business web design. While they can be a great solution for startups on a tighter budget, they fall short in implementing the impressive design or effective strategies that will get you results.

If a DIY builder is the right fit for your budget however we’re happy to consult on strategies and tactics to make your website as effective as possible with those tools.