Website Maintenance & Hosting

How We Help

We keep everything under the hood of your website updated and secure so it continues to operate as smoothly as the day you took it off the showroom floor.

Much like your car, your website needs routine maintenance to continue getting you where you want. That’s why we offer a full range of website maintenance services to keep your site healthy, secure, and at peak performance.


Keeping your website up to date and secure takes work.

That’s why we handle every component of your website maintenance, so you can focus on your business or organization knowing your website is in good hands.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Optimize your site for peak performance.

Your website performance begins at the server level. That’s why we’ve optimized our hosting specifically for WordPress to give you maximum uptime and impressive page speeds. Our focus on a single CMS means your site will experience only the highest quality of performance with the added ability to instantly scale up resources to handle traffic spikes. All of this powered by our friendly support team of WordPress experts means your site is in the best hands possible.


Security Focused Hosting

Secure your site against threats.

Website security also starts at the server level which is why our first line of defense against threats begins there. Brute force attacks are some of most common threats to your website so we limit login attempts to help prevent malicious users from getting inside. Additionally, when our security system detects a potential threat to a site, our intelligent IP blocking system blocks them across all our sites within seconds helping to protect your site from hackers before they attack. With our security focused hosting you can spend less time stressing security plugins and have more peace of mind.

Free SSL Certificate

Protect your sensitive data.

SSL Certificates are data files that allow secure connections between your web host and your visitors’ browser. They protect everything from credit card information, usernames, passwords, and more. SSL certificates are also what give your website the lock icon next to your web address in browsers and prevent your visitors from receiving the “not secure” message when visiting your site. Securing your website with an SSL certificate is a must which is why we include them with all our websites.


Managed Website Updates

Keep your site up to date (and safe).

Keeping your website up-to-date can be a chore and if something goes wrong, you’re typically stuck troubleshooting on your own. That’s why we handle all updates for you including themes, plugins, and WordPress itself. All updates are rigorously tested on a separate copy of your site to ensure that any issues are ironed out long before reaching your live site and we always take a backup of your site before any updates. With our managed website updates, You can stay focused on your more important work knowing your website is safe, up to date, and in good hands.

Automated Nightly Backups

Sleep easy with nightly backups.

Even the most secure sites can fall victim to catastrophe. Perhaps you accidentally deleted an important file or a plugin update broke something on your site. Situations like these are when it pays to have a backup on hand to roll back to. That’s why we automatically back up all our sites nightly and store every backup for 30 days so you can restore at any time. If disaster strikes, you can rest easy knowing a quick restore is only a few clicks away. 


Have questions?

We have answers.

Q: What is website maintenance anyway?

There’s a lot that goes into website maintenance services but it all boils down to keeping your website safe, live, and working at peak performance. That’s why we integrate both website hosting and website maintenance into one service so everything works in tandem for the best results possible.

Q: What does website maintenance include?

Our website maintenance plans include both premium, WordPress optimized website hosting as well as routine maintenance to WordPress and all plugins installed on your site. You can learn more about our specific deliverables above.

We’re always adding new and improved services to our website maintenance plans, so check back often to see what new features we’ve added to help our clients’ projects succeed.

Q: What doesn’t website maintenance include?

Our website maintenance plans are dedicated specifically to tasks needed to keep your website live and running at peak efficiency. Additional tasks, such as content updates, new feature additions, website strategy, or search engine optimization (SEO), are billed separately but can be added to any plan for an additional fee.

Q: Do you offer ecommerce website maintenance services?

Yes, we offer a separate, dedicated ecommerce website maintenance plan custom tailored for online stores. The deliverables for our ecommerce plan include everything in the standard plan scaled up to meet the more advanced needs of an online store. That includes better servers, stronger security, and more in-depth plugin monitoring and updates.

Q: What other website maintenance plans do you offer?

We currently offer three website maintenance plans including our standard plan, ecommerce plan, and enterprise plans available for larger websites with more advanced needs.

Q: How much does website maintenance cost?

Our standard website maintenance plan cost is $75/mo and includes everything listed above. However, our ecommerce and enterprise plans are custom tailored for each client’s goals and prices vary depending on their specific needs.

Looking for more information on our ecommerce or enterprise maintenance plans? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your website succeed.