Jailbreak Brewing Company

Project Details

The Client

Jailbreak Brewing Company is a production craft brewery located in Laurel, Maryland. They offer a wide variety of artfully crafted beers served in hundreds of restaurants, bars, and retailers across the state as well as their 150+ capacity Taproom and FoodWorks which boasts an open kitchen serving artisanal house-made pub favorites.

Client Goals

Jailbreak was looking for a website that showcases not only their ever-growing selection of craft beers but their impressive selection of food, local events, merch, and much more. In short, they needed a website that could showcase the wide range of what they offer all brewed with their unique branding and culture.

The Result

We designed a lot of interactive elements for this site using custom graphics, user-friendly functionality, fun hidden easter eggs, and more. We wanted each feature to have the same care and craft put into it that goes into every Jailbreak beer. That’s why we broke each component down into smaller mini-projects so each could have the love and care required to help it meet its specific goal. The result is a website that truly showcases all that Jailbreak does through an expansive, branded and interactive online experience.

Branded Age Gate

Since an age-gate was required for this site, we used it as an opportunity to introduce visitors to the Jailbreak brand and their unique personality before entering the site.

Interactive Beer Browser

To showcase their wide selection of beers, we created an interactive beer browser featuring color-accurate visual previews, unique label graphics with full descriptions, and tasting notes displaying on interaction.

Location-Based Beer Finder

To help connect visitors with their beer of choice (ours is the White Russian), we implemented a location-based beer finder. The beer finder allows visitors to enter their location to generate a list of locations closest to them where Jailbreak is sold.

User-Friendly Online Store

In addition to their core site, we also created a full online store for visitors to shop the full range of Jailbreak merchandise.

Bonus: Custom 404 Page

Being dog lovers, the folks over at Jailbreak asked that we include a hidden “easter egg” of their CEO’s dog somewhere on the site. The result was a hidden homage to their furry friend on the 404 page to delight any visitors who happen to stumble across it.