Rise Up Coffee Roasters

Project Details

The Client

Rise Up Coffee Roasters is an independent small-batch coffee roaster headquartered in Easton, Maryland. Since their founding in 2005, Rise Up has grown to be a nationally recognized brand reaching all across Maryland and beyond with a thriving online presence and active online store.

Client Goals

The Rise Up brand has evolved since we initially designed their site in 2012 so they were looking for a facelift that matched their new aesthetic. Like their coffee, the new site needed to be big, bold and incorporate their trademark black and white brand colors.

The Result

We gathered a ton of resources for this site including graphics, illustrations, photography and more from local talent and fans of the Rise Up brand. We wanted the new site to feel representative of not only the Rise Up brand as a whole but also the feeling of hanging out in one of their cafes. That’s why we chose to give each page a unique but cohesive design that matched the overall brand and incorporated elements you’d find at any Rise Up location. After a few months we ended up with a new site that has received a ton of positive buzz and generated their highest online sales to date.

Dynamic Fullscreen Menu​

This site features a dynamic fullscreen menu organizing all relevant links in one user friendly location over a beautiful backdrop of the Agua volcano in Antigua Guatemala.

User Friendly Online Store​

We embraced Rise Up’s minimalist aesthetic throughout the store with clean, minimal layouts and a simplified checkout process for the quickest ordering possible.

Fully Responsive Online Menu Board​

For Rise Up’s food alter-ego, Mad Eggs, we created an easily updatable and fully responsive menu that adapts to desktop, tablet or mobile. We all hate squinting, zooming and scrolling a PDF menu on mobile so this approach proved to be a much more user friendly experience.

Beautiful Local Artwork​

Rise Up’s cafes feature a variety of beautiful local artwork ranging from custom graphics to hand drawn illustrations. We incorporated digital files throughout and digitally cleaned up hand drawn artwork to display in beautiful high definition.