Tour Talbot

Project Details

The Client

Talbot County is Maryland’s premiere home to sophisticated small towns, waterman’s villages and more than 600 miles of Chesapeake Bay waterfront right in the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Accessible by care, boat, or plane, Talbot County is the go-to destination for both action-packed adventures and relaxing retreats alike.

Client Goals

The Talbot County Office of Tourism was looking to establish a new website to promote tourism in the area and reach a wider audience online. The new website needed to feature a variety of information on the county, destinations, accommodations, events, and much more with the goal of establishing a rich resource for anyone considering a visit to Talbot County.

The Result

To make this project a success, we needed to design a website that could feature a wide variety of content in a cohesive and easy to navigate layout. To achieve this, we worked closely with the client to organize content, design user-friendly layouts, and develop intuitive features all on-brand with the Talbot County branding. The result is a rich resource for tourists and locals alike which has seen massive growth year over year since launch.

Eat, Stay, Play, Discover

In the earliest stages of this project, we knew that branding and organization were key to our success. We started by grouping content based on theme and what needs were met by visitors exploring each category. Once we had a solid organizational structure, we worked closely with the client to brand each page to not just clearly label each category but also serve as an active call-to-action for each.

Business Listings

To be an effective resource for visitors, we had to create a system to feature local restaurants, accommodations, stores, and much more. To achieve this, we developed a directory of business listings which could be categorized by type and filtered for visitors specific needs. These listings serve as the backbone of the site and are among the most trafficked pages on the site.


Talbot County hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year with some bringing visitors from all over the country and beyond. To showcase the wide variety of events available, we implemented an event feed allowing visitors to browse events with a single scroll.

Resource Directory

As we developed this site, we began to grow the resources available for various needs including FAQs, maps, brochures, press kit, and forms to submit businesses and events. To organize this information, we created a dedicated resource directory so visitors had a one-stop-shop for helpful resources.

Travel Guide

One of the helpful resources The Talbot County Office of Tourism develops is a travel guide which serves as the official guide to Talbot County. To market this guide, we implemented a popup offer linking to an interactive online version of the guide. If done poorly, a popup can be annoying to visitors so we designed the popup to intuitively detect when a visitor is leaving the site and only trigger before they leave. The result is a helpful resource that knows when to be helpful and when to stay out of the way.