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Ship Print Connect is a full-service printing and shipping store in Easton, MD. Founded in January 2022, they approached us with the need for a website that would promote their business and the new brand. Our goal was to create a website that built on their existing branding and showcased their commitment to hospitality and unparalleled service.

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During the planning stage, we conducted several consultations with the client to understand their business goals and requirements for the website. We also conducted extensive research into the target audience to ensure that the website would meet their needs and expectations.

We also conducted a competitive analysis to identify best practices in the industry and ensure that the website would be competitive and effective in the marketplace. This research helped us to identify opportunities for differentiation and innovation.


Based on the research, we created a detailed plan for the website, including the overall structure, content, functionality, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. We identified several key features that the website needed to include, such as an easy-to-use landing pages, a blog to post news and updates, and prominent calls to action to encourage users to contact the store or place an order. We presented this plan to the client for their feedback and made revisions based on their input.

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Before moving into full design, we created a low-fidelity, functioning wireframe prototype in-browser. This allowed the client to view and interact with the website and its content in a realistic context, providing valuable feedback before investing in full design. Moreover, this process helped to save time during development, since we could easily build on the existing prototype without the need to make tweaks in sketches or mockups.

Full Design

To ensure consistency throughout the website and reflect the client’s brand identity accurately, the design process began by establishing a web-based brand style guide that included their brand fonts, colors, and the style and tone of their content. Based on this guide and the key features identified in the planning stage, full page designs were created that accurately reflected the desired image and conveyed the client’s commitment to hospitality and unparalleled service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To improve search engine visibility, we conducted extensive keyword research and a competitive analysis during the planning stage. Based on our findings, we developed an SEO strategy that included optimizing the website’s content. We also created local listings on Google My Business and other directories to improve local search rankings. Overall, the SEO process played a critical role in the website’s success, driving more traffic and conversions while improving search engine visibility.

Revisions Based on Client Feedback

Throughout the design process, we worked closely with the client to ensure that the website met their expectations and fulfilled their business goals. We made revisions to the design based on their feedback, ensuring that the website was not only visually appealing, but also easy to navigate and use for their target audience.

Ultimately, the design process ensured that the website was both aesthetically pleasing and effective in achieving the client’s business goals.

Launch 🚀

The launch of the website involved final testing and adjustments to ensure that the website was functioning correctly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and met the client’s expectations. We conducted extensive quality assurance testing to identify and resolve any issues with the website, such as broken links, incorrect formatting, or other bugs. We also made final adjustments to the design, incorporating any last-minute feedback from the client.

Once we were satisfied that the website was ready for launch, we worked with the client to plan the launch strategy. We also provided training and support to ensure that they could manage and update the website as required.

Overall, the launch was successful, and the website has received positive feedback from both the client and users.

Results 📈

The results of the new website have been positive, with increased user engagement and improved search engine optimization (SEO). The website’s SEO strategy has resulted in increased visibility in search results, driving more traffic to the website. Additionally, the website’s user engagement metrics, such as time on site and bounce rate, have improved since the launch, indicating that users are finding the website more engaging and user-friendly. Overall, the new website has successfully promoted the client’s business and brand, and has helped to increase their online presence and customer base.

"Working with Donavon and the Cake & Eat It Designs team is a true pleasure. We are delighted with the work that has been done to help our new business grow and become part of the community. The work is professional, creative, timely, and always focused on supporting our business plans and our culture and values. I would highly recommend Cake & Eat It Designs."
Joni Doolin
Owner, Eastern Shore Ship Print Connect

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